Discover Aje's collection of puff sleeve tops, where style meets sophistication in every stitch. From cropped tops to shirts, corset tops, and bodices, puff sleeves reign supreme as one of Aje's signature design elements.
Distinctive design elements elevate every Aje puff sleeve top, showcasing raw cut seams, intricate gold accent details, playful ruffles, and artful panelling. Crafted from premium quality materials like lightweight cotton and breathable linen, these tops offer both comfort and style, ensuring you feel as good as you look.
Versatile and adaptable, our puff sleeve tops effortlessly transition from casual daytime outings to elegant evening events. Pair a puff sleeve shirt with tailored pants or denim jeans for a chic daytime ensemble, or elevate your look with a skirt or trousers for a sophisticated night out. Complete your outfit with statement accessories ranging from shoes to bags and jewellery
A designer puff sleeve top from Aje is designed for year-round wear, with lightweight options perfect for the breezy days of spring and summer and thicker materials providing warmth during winter. This versatility allows you to incorporate these stylish tops into your wardrobe regardless of the season.
Along with tops, don't miss the opportunity to explore Aje's range of puff sleeve mini dresses and midi dresses, offering additional options to infuse your wardrobe with the unique charm and sophistication that defines Aje's aesthetic. 
Elevate your style with the contemporary allure of Aje's puff sleeve tops and discover endless possibilities for creating fashion-forward looks.