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Aje Insider | Meet Actress and Creator Juliette Labelle

The LA-based tastemaker talks career, Cruise 23 and the clothes she will never part with.

Actress. Producer. Model. Mother: meet Juliette Labelle, the newest Aje Insider.


Known for her effortless personal style—one which has garnered her more than 40,000 Instagram followers and counting—the Los Angeles-based tastemaker is a mainstay on the international fashion scene and one to watch in Hollywood.


To celebrate the arrival of Cruise 23, The Aje Report caught up with Juliette in her home city, where she styled and stepped out in the latest looks from the endless summer-inspired collection.


Talking career, clothes and the perfect day in LA, keep reading for our conversation with Aje Insider, Juliette Labelle.

Juliette Labelle wears the Botanica Cross Back Midi Dress

The Aje Report: As a creative, you’ve worked in multiple different spheres, from PR and production to modelling and acting. How would you describe your career journey and how it’s led you to where you are today?


Juliette: I’ve always wanted to be an actress, and I’ve always had a love for fashion, and I love the relationship between the two. The artistry that goes into fashion and the way it can build and complement a character is always so thrilling. As a creative, I’ve loved filling different jobs within the two industries and am so grateful to have had so many opportunities.


You styled and captured looks from Aje’s Cruise 23 collection against the backdrop of a sunlit Los Angeles. Can you share with us your perfect day in LA?


A perfect day in LA would consist of fresh coffee first thing in the morning, followed by oat griddle cakes from Breakfast by Salt’s Cure. Then, off to the farmers market with Max, so we can stock up on yummy food for the week, then home for Max’s nap [and time to] rest and reset.

Post-nap, we wake up, cook lunch and then take Blue to Malibu to run on the beach and see my family for a big family dinner. I would also love to add a facial in there by Joomee Song—the best facial I’ve ever gotten, her hands are magic.

Juliette Labelle wears the Luna Tiered Maxi Dress

"The artistry that goes into fashion and the way it can build and complement a character is always so thrilling."

As an LA local, what do you think is the biggest misconception people have about the city, and what do you wish more people knew about it?

[The] biggest misconception about LA locals is that we have an attitude—but it’s not locals that give LA a bad name, it's all the transplants.


Aje’s Cruise 23 Collection is inspired by the halcyon glow of an endless summer. What comes to mind with the phrase 'dream summer destination'?


The colours from this collection really came through against the magic hour light.


It made me think of the bright and vivid colours on display in Careyes, Mexico—a family favourite vacation spot.


Which pieces from the Cruise 23 collection are you most drawn to? Where do you see yourself wearing these looks?

I was really drawn to the white dress and skirt. I love the versatility of each of the looks, easily dressed up or dressed down, making them perfect for any occasion.

How would you describe your personal style? What is your approach to creating a look?

I’ve always aspired to look timeless. I don’t feed into trends as much as I appreciate great staples and classic silhouettes.


What are your failsafe summer wardrobe staples?

Many, many button-downs. In particular, an oversized white button-down is essential. A pair of linen pants, a pair of cotton trousers, and that one bikini you can’t live without.


As an actress, if you could manifest your next dream role, what would it be and who would you be working with?

My dream role?! I would love to play [a part] in any one of Ruben Östlund’s worlds. I love the characters and the environments he creates in each of his films; his movies have always been such interesting character studies.

Juliette Labelle wears the Odette Ruched Cami Top and Meadow Panelled Midi Skirt

"I’ve always aspired to look timeless. I don’t feed into trends as much as I appreciate great staples and classic silhouettes.

Juliette Labelle wears the Elle Cartridge Pleat Jacket and Elle Flared Pant

Juliette Labelle wears the Dawn Ruched Mini Dress

What is next in the world of Juliette Labelle? What does the future hold for you?

I’ll keep you posted, but I feel like 2023 will be special and exciting.


And to finish, some quick-fire questions…

… A piece of clothing you’ll never part with? 

A blouse that my mother gave to me when I was 15. It had been hers when she was little, and it had been her mom's when her mom was little. I plan on passing it down to Max when she’s old enough!

… The one movie or TV show you’ll watch again and again?

Arrested Development is a family favourite, and The Runaway Bride—I’m a sucker for a Julia Roberts rom-com.


The best piece of style advice you ever received? 


“Less is more.”

Juliette Labelle wears the Rhythmic Frill Mini Dress

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