Cruise 23

From sultry days to golden hours, Aje Cruise 23 celebrates the hedonistic rush of midsummer in full bloom. Singing of sun-glazed swims and sea-slicked skin, it is a return to a dream state where summer’s glory never ends.

A capsule of heady hues heightened with daring contrasts, sunflower yellows and ombré sunsets collide with sizzling chartreuse and flushed coral, taking to unexpected silhouettes and hazy, hand-painted florals with a warm embrace.

Capturing the heat’s sensuous ease, asymmetric ruching and pleating appear alongside sculptural seam lines and oblique panelling, creating bold shapes with an irreverent aura.

Exaggerated tapering, statement topstitching and organic hardware details echo this harmony, finessing floating linens, soft cotton poplins and washed-back denim alike.

Bottling a fleeting sweetness and sense of freedom,
unwind and indulge in Cruise 23, a halcyon escape to eternal summer.

Photographer: Georges Antoni

Videographer: Joel Garrett

Hair and Makeup: Nisha Van Berkel

Models: Penny Capp and Em Stenberg

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