Pre-Fall 24 'Linea'

Form and function. A restraint — a knowing elegance. Balance. An innate sense of functionality with natural femininity reverberates throughout the Pre-Fall 24 collection. Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris reflected upon the work of architect and industrial designer Cini Boeri, with her sense of modernity and timelessness, and the knowingness of designs interacting with their environments.

With tonal utility colours of ivory, black and beige forming the throughline of the collection, vibrant magentas, blushes, khakis and iridescent autumnal florals punctuate Pre-Fall 24.

Singular metal disc embellishments lend a hint of ’60s glamour, made modern through its oversized application and echoed through modernistic edging on accessories. Godets and the shapes they create are the physical interpretation of Boeri’s approach, where form comes through functionality.

“Being a woman means thinking about design with a female sensibility in its aesthetic, functional and qualitative aspects, as well in terms of the experience it will produce and how it will change over time.”

— Cini Boeri